Rebellion is our new Honey-Spiced Rum Stout

We use our Tempest Honey spiced Rum and steep it in oak chips before adding it to the beer during the conditioning phase. The beer is dark, stormy and very drinkable!

Water, Malted BarleyOatsWheat, Hops, Yeast + Honey Rum

Longshore: “existing on, frequenting, or moving along the seashore”

Longshore Lager is crafted using only the finest English malted barley and hop varieties. Longshore takes its name from the long sweeping shoreline of Lyme Bay, which spans from Start Point in the West to Portland Bill in the East.

Gluten Free.

Upon reaching America, early British colonists founded a settlement on the verdant coastline of Connecticut, which they named Lyme, after their home town back in England.

Today, this region of New England is sometimes referred to as “The Land of Steady Habits”.

This juicy beer bomb is our tribute to those trailblazing pioneers, whose modern descendants introduced us to the New England style of IPA, some 350 years later.

steady habits is loaded with Mosaic and Citra hops. Pull the pin and unleash a tropical explosion.

Water, Malted BarleyOatsWheat, Hops & Yeast

104° is the bearing you take as you set sail from the Cobb harbour in Lyme Regis.

This hazy session pale ale uses a blend of Comet, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Columbus hops to deliver a light tropical aroma. A beer for the beach, or to reminisce about Lyme.

Water, Malted BarleyOatsWheat, Hops & Yeast

284º is the bearing you take as you enter the Cobb harbour here in Lyme Regis.

We have designed 284º to be a beer exclusive to Lyme. You can only drink it here at our tap room and at a select few bars.

Packed full of 6 different hops, including Citra and Mosaic, 284º is a citrusy session IPA with aromas of tropical fruit.

Golden Cap is a craft lager brewed with lager yeast, malts and Perle hops.

3 weeks of cold fermentation, followed by 6 weeks of lagering in cold store, delivers full-bodied mature flavours, with a hint of honey and a citrusy finish.

It’s named after the highest cliff on the south coast, towering 627ft above sea level.

Revenge is a Proper Strong IPA.

Pale and Amber malts coupled with Fuggles and Cascade hops give this traditional IPA a well balanced hop and spiced fruit flavour.

In 1588 a small ship named “Revenge” set sail from Lyme to support the English Fleet in its fight against the approaching Spanish Armada in the English Channel.

Dorset Pearl is our English Pale Ale.

Brewed using Pale and Crystal malts, together with Fuggles, Crystal and Perle hops delivering a pleasant floral aroma and a classic, crisp, refreshing hop finish.

Dorset Pearl is named after Lyme Regis – known widely as “The Pearl of Dorset” which sits at the heart of The Jurassic Coast.

“A Blighty Good Pale Ale!”